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Hello, welcome to “Around the world in 80 papers”

My name is Alexander Rodriguez. I am from Colombia and I coordinate the group "Around the world in 80 papers", this group is about making friends around Origami. I would like to share the type of model you like the most and your experiences: How did you learn Origami? Who taught you? My objective is to build a world wide Origami organization.

You are welcome to this group. Please feel free to share any information, stories and links for your diagrams.

This is a little space to share your origami expression....

You're invited to find in the origami a way to know new friends around the world.

Thanks for visiting!

Alexander Rodriguez
Origami Club "Around the world in 80 papers" Coordinator


We are a group of friends from all over the world, we want to join you in the path to creation called Origami.

Origami is a Japanese word that means “fold paper” and is the most recognized name for it around the world, but as everything it also has other name according to each country, for example in Spain its name is “papiroflexia” and in China it is known as Zhezhi (摺紙).

Origami is an art-game that takes us to meet new friends, in the language is no problem because their symbols are easily learned and let you know models designed by people from all over the world.

Cuento plegado "La creacion del mundo" (Tradicion Oral Africana)
Cuento plegado "Que llega el lobo" (E. Jadoul)
Cuento plegado "7 Ratones ciegos" (E.Young)
Cuento plegado "Los 12 animales de Buda" (Tradicional)
Cuento plegado “Ramón Recuerda” (L. Oppenheim)
Cuento plegado "Los secretos de abuelo sapo" (K. Kasza)
Cuento Plegado "La mamá que lloraba" (D.R.A.)
Cuento plegado "El estofado del lobo" (K. Kasza)
Cuento plegado "El día de campo de Don Chancho"
Cuento plegado "Dinosaurios" (I. Da Coll)
Cuento plegado "Los fantasmas buscan casa" (D. Núñez, R. Antón)
Cuento plegado "Mi día de suerte" (K, Kasza)
Cuento plegado "Siempre te amare" (R. Munsch)
Cuento plegado "La jungla en casa" (R. Cubillas)
Cuento plegado "Mama se ha enamorado" (J. Boeck)
Cuento plegado "Ahora no Bernardo" (D. Mackee)
Cuento plegado "La princesa vestida con una bolsa de papel" (R. Munsch)
Cuento plegado "El pirata metepatas" (R. Antón, L. Núñez)
Cuento plegado por los niños del comedor comunitario del Barrio Ingles en Bogotá

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